Blast the Houston Metro Area Year-Round with your Fall, Winter, Spring, and Summer sports events.


Specific sport pages ( I.e. Baseball, Baseball, etc. ) will have your logo, business name, brief details, and event flyers all linked back to your website ( E.g. Houston Youth Basketball )

Parents are redirected with a simple click to your website to get more information and to register their kids.


Event flyers are found on Houston Youth Sports front page, sport specific directory pages, and dedicated business profile page.

We post all your events for you throughout the year! Minimum twice a month we check for new events and page updates.


Events are sent in the newsletters on the 1st and 15th of every month to our Houston Metro Area subscribers ( E.g. Houston Events Newsletter )

Hundreds of NEW parents subscribe to the Houston Youth Sports Events newsletter every week.


We create a featured business profile page for you in the Houston Sports Directory. This page will be highly ranked for your select keywords & location in Google search results ( E.g. Under The Lights Katy ).

It generally takes 30 days for featured businesses to rank first page.

Houston Youth Sports Directory will Expand Local Reach, Increase Website Traffic & Boost New Registrations ADVERTISE ONE SPORT - $259 PER YEAR

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After payment is made we will pull information from your website and create your featured listing ( takes less than 24 hours ). Please send any specific information, logos, flyers, etc. that you would like to be included in your featured listing. If we miss and event during the year, send us your event details and we will post it or you can also post new events anytime. Please contact us anytime with questions at info@findsportsusa.com.